Anti-Gay Law Established in Mississippi

In recent news, since the welcoming of sexuality to all states by President Obama’s signing, many religious establishments have been fighting against accepting the sexuality of many citizens of America that is not heterosexual. Signed by Gov. Phil Bryan, the anti-gay law allows churches, religious charities and privately held businesses to decline services to people if doing so would violate their religious beliefs on marriage and gender. Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia, under pressure from business interests, two weeks ago vetoed a similar bill passed by the State Legislature.

I have not yet heard the opinions of those effected by the new law, however, in my opinion I feel that this law is a bit out of  its boundaries. If the religious folk feel like serving a gay man, lesbian woman, bisexual, or transgender is wrong than they should be against everything. I am not bashing anyone’s opinion or saying anyone is wrong but if we must take this matter to religion than do it properly. There are many liars, robbers, adulterers, criminals, and so on who have the same value of sin as those attacked caused of their sexual, should not be condemned too?

This is a issue that I fear will break America and if their is not a reasonable out their willing to change it, it will only get worse.



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