The world and its people

Everything that is stated in this blog post are partial facts and personal opinions. This topic is a personal choice therefore will state a lot of opinionated comments based upon what I think of human brutality. Please refrain from negative comments but encouraging comments are welcomed.

Thank you.

In the past year and currently a lot of police officers in different states and even countries have been caught for illegal human brutality among criminals as well those who are innocent. On April 10th of 2015, 6 police officers are fired in Cleveland for participating in a shooting that killed 2 unarmed people in a high speed chase. These police officers consisted of officers who had previous charges for doing something against the law and their job as a police officer such as man slaughter.

Many people have taken this as a threat to society. Police officers or any protection officials of the state, country or government were said to be protectors, men/women of law, heroes. However lately have been making poor choices that do not exemplify this heroic definition as I stated above. Although, I understand that drastic measures requires you to make a drastic decision in certain situations but it should not be based upon a personal choice. For example, if someone who is involved in criminal activity ends turning their self in that person should not be attacked or hurt during the arrest or encounter with the police officials. Below I posted a video of a recent human brutality arrest in Tampa of suspect Derrick Price who led cops on a foot chase but eventually knelt down to surrender.

Human brutality is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Police officers today are constantly being given a slap on the hand for wrongful arrests and attacks on people. Although, we live in a world full of people doing wrongful things everyday either in drug distribution, robbery, sexual harassment, etc. this gives no police officer, sheriff, government official of the law protection (FBI, CSI, etc.) the right to use physical attacks for no reason. I personally even had a friend who died in a wrongful shooting. So, this is my voice in this matter, make the right move. The law was created to protect us, therefore PROTECT US. I should not be living in a world, where if I drive down a street at night and see a cop, begin to fear that cop knowing I did nothing wrong. Stop letting these officers go time after time for the same “innocent” mistake. Death of an innocent person is no longer innocent on the behalf of the man or woman because they are now dead. Thus, this innocence shouldn’t be passed on to the official who caused the death just because. Have a logical reason before making a drastic action because there is too many of us young folk dying and not enough of us moving on with life living.


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