Am I Ready to Have a Baby??

The USA has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the developing world and more babies are coming. Often teens find there selves in the position questioning there selves “Am I ready to have baby?” In about 3 to 10 girls get pregnant before the age the twenty, leaving their dreams and hopes behind.

When asked young teenager Emmanuel Juste said, “No, all I want to do is go to college, get my degree. Then I’ll think about a family”. And similar to other teens these were the common answers to the title questioned above. However, it did not prove to show that teens now were not involved in any sexual activity. For example: sexting.

Sexting was known to be the easiest ways teens got access to early sexual encounter. Nevertheless, giving more praise to the teen pregnancy era. But who else was influencing the teens of our time to engage in sexual intercourse. Friends, media? No, but sadly it was the parents.

“My mom had never sat down with me and explained to me about sex. She just yelled and said that if I wanted to mess up my life than getting pregnant early was the way she did it” – Anonymous.

To better stop a child from becoming a part of the teen pregnancy percentage, explaining why sex was not appropriate for a young teen was better explained by a parent. It was said in statistics that teen parents wished they had better relationship with their parents. And maybe they would not be the 1 in 6 girls who were teen moms in the United States.

Even “Pause” magazine, a complete guide to midlife health, quoted “about 90% of teen moms most likely don’t receive their diplomas, dropping out in order to make money to take care of their child”. Yes I know what you thinkingIt affects education too? Well of course! Most of the teens that did not wait to have sex were rated most likely to have public assistance in the future with poverty and long welfare dependency.

“It’s a shame” said a local Floridian. “To see a child who had some much for them, who were so close, give up everything for just a temporary pleasure”. However, many of them got to work creating videos, articles, organizations, and other programs to encourage other teens to wait for sex.

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) partnered with the federal Office of the Assistance Secretary of Health (OASH) to reduce teen pregnancy and disparities in teen pregnancy and child birth.( .This website was created to set goals and procedures to better insure that in the upcoming years the teen pregnancy rate would be decreased. Expanding to other states in the United States the “South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy” gathered other faith leaders to be a part of the complex problem bringing to teens a complex solution.

( Get Involved )

“There’s a disease going around and you can get it by having sex, it’s called K.I.D.S”

The question is simple, Are you ready to have a baby?


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