New on the OT Radar

S.N : To all my October Fever Fans, I apologize for not posting for the last few months. This year being my last and with the transition of a new job, I have not had the time to post anything. But I’m back at it!! Missed Me?

International News:

The Russian Plan Crash: The Russian Plan that crashed in the desert of Egypt last Saturday was said to have a bomb aboard. According to CNN, Obama says the plane crashed because there was possibly a bomb on board, but some say it had a terrorist hand involved from ISIS.


Serena Williams Gets Her Phone Robbed: This week the famous tennis athlete had her phone robbed in front of her face while she was out and about at a restaurant. Unlike a usual, Serena did not squeal for help, but jumped in to action dodging guest and jumping over tables after the villain. She eventually retrieved her hone back after chasing him down.


As the Presidential elections begin, Ben Carson a candidate for presidency is found under pressured by the social media. In his book “Gift Hands” Carson admitted to making up the part about the top U.S General in the Vietnam War had guaranteed Carson admission and a scholarship to West Point. Thus, has American questioning if Carson is suitable for presidency.

-Yvette J.J


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