The Struggle-Elevate Yourself

Why do we put ourselves down? Surround ourselves around negativity? “Fear does not have any special power,  unless you empower it by submitting to it” (Les Brown)

It is true life is a struggle for those who were born without all the riches and royalties of the upper class. The lack of money then has put in our minds that this is probably the life that we should have, the struggle.

We fail to realize that the struggle is not a permanent attachment to one’s life but a wake up call to those who lack to fight against it. Many people say, “Oh its so hard” or ” I just can’t do it”. Fear is the most common factor that people let ruin their lives. Its the fear of not being good enough, the fear of not being smart enough, the fear of losing the game we call “life” when you haven’t started playing.

Wake Up! Stop telling yourself that its to hard, that I can’t do it. Elevate yourself, elevate your mind. Nourish your mind to not think that you are not strong enough to get through the struggle but empower your mind to know you WILL GET THROUGH THE STRUGGLE.

Life was meant to be difficult, only to challenge you to be great. If achieving our goals and living our dreams was easy, some of the most strongest minded people wouldn’t exist.The struggle is not here to bring you down and keep you down but to help you rise. Elevate yourself.


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