Development on Historical Black Parramore Community

The City of Orlando development plans to improve the Downtown Orlando(Parramore) known as the “Parramore Comprenhensive Neighborhood Plan” causes local residents to clash out against the mayor and comissioners during the City of Orlando council meeting January 26th of 2015. The Paramore Comprenhensive Neighborhood Plan was awarded $2.4 million on behalf of 26 partners of East Centeral Florida by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to develop better transportation choices, affordable housing, support and development of a good community and so on for residents around the Sun Rail Locations including the movement of the Major League Soccer Stadium to Church and Centeral Street in between Paramore .However, some of the local residents felt like it would only bring “bad business and transporatation difficultites” as stated by local resident and former candiate for the Orange County Commissioner District 6, Lawana Gelzer. Gelzer urged with a firm tone of eagerness to once again as she mentioned to Council members to not shut down Parramore and move the stadium to Church and Centeral Street. ” Because you haistly made a decision to move that soccer stadium when the community have said over and over again, you have your friends we have our friends we don’t want it there” Gelzer said. Yet, the council to accept the development plan on Parramore and move on with the meeting.


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