OMG! Its already April 2015

Well we are in our fourth month of the 2015 and I have been neglecting you guys with my posts:( I’m so sorry but just for a update here are some major topics on the most top news:
-Indiana residents clash out and boycott against the new Religious Freedom Law that attacks homosexuals, foreigners, races, and people of different religious/cultural backgrounds.
-Massive massacre by terrorist in France kill journalists know as “Je suis Charlie”.
-In football history, the Patriots has been known to be the “cheaters” and once again had cheating allegation thrown at them in the start of this year. The team recent story was the deflation of 11 of 12 the footballs before a game they were going to have against the Colts in the AFC Championship. Although the Patriots undergo the accusation and fight against the allegation, some say the Patriots will still win the 2015 Super Bowl. (Which they did)
-Germanwings plane crashes in France and kills 150 people in failed landing.


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