Respect Yourself!

You ever felt true heartbreak? I mean not the one you get for just a few hours and then the next day your okay. Why is that we, women tend to fall a part for a guy for days and still get upset when we hear his name? Study shows that women are more sentimental than men, that emotionally the women are more attached to the relationship. STOP.

The reality is we need to love ourselves more than anything else. If we give ourselves so much into a relationship and instanly fall apart when its over than you gave yourself up to much. You must learn to love yourselves first and like my father says ” respect yourself”. Learn to love your curves and natural hair, adore the weird qualities that make you unique, enjoy being you and comfortable. Who gives a….. what anyone says! Judgement does not come from the people but from yourself. How you feel and how you judge yourself will define who you are. Thus, making your heartbreak nothing but a lesson to learn about yourself and what woman you want to be in the future.
-Yvette J.J

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