Let’s Stop the Violence

For years and years, domestic abuse has been an issue in the United States. “It has no limits” one said. “It doesn’t matter who you are, whats your status, male or female it seems like it will never end”.

Professional NFL football player, Ray Rice has been in the spotlight after a video was released into the media by TMZ of him punching his wife, Janay Palmer, earlier this year in February. The shocking video spreaded like wildfire and later caused the football star to be suspended from the Ravens and later after seeing the video NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, extended the suspension.

Even well-known comedian Bill Cosby was accused of raping actress Barbara Bowman in 1985 when Bowman was new and fresh to the industry. Cosby was not only accused by Bowman but by Andrea Constand in 2004 for sexual assault.

Domestic violence is a serious matter that must be address now in our generation. As our society evolves, it is clear that the teens we call our “future” are being influenced, if not already a part of these negative mentalities. Let’s stop the violence! Let’s pull away from these negative pulls and created a better future, a better generation.

-Yvette J.J


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